Our Mission

We believe that both making and discussing games are equally important. We hold weekly discussions, work on club projects, and encourage members to make games together at club events. We also provide critique sessions between fellow club members as well as online resources that help students make their own games whether they be digital or non-digital.

The club has a casual atmosphere and membership is free. If you're interested in making video games, or just discussing game concepts, mechanics and implementation, then we think you'll enjoy this club.

Join The Club

You can register on the SFSS website or you can email ac.ufs|cexecdg#ac.ufs|cexecdg with your SFU email address. Becoming a member will ensure that you are on our mailing list so that you can be notified about upcoming meetings and events. Then, once you become a member create a Wikidot account and post a profile in the members section of this site and also be sure to check out our Facebook group and LinkedIn group.

Club's Web Presence

Aside from our weekly on campus in person meetings during the semester, the club also maintains an active web presence. This wiki style website is just one example. Club members are free to join this website to post their projects or add other information that might be of interest to other club members. We also have a Facebook group that members are free to join which facilitates casual discussion outside of meetings. Lastly, we have our LinkedIn group which is used for professional networking and keeping in touch with members that have graduated.


1-27-2015 Clubs Days have just finished at Burnaby and Surrey Campuses. Welcome to all our new members! Check back here soon for the announcement of Burnaby and Surrey club meeting times
10-30-2012 Weekly meetings are now happening in Burnaby on Mondays 11:30-1:30 in AQ5035 and in Surrey on Tuesdays 4:30-6:30 in room 2710.
09-12-2012 GDC will be at clubs week in Burnaby on Thursday Sept 13th and in Surrey on Wednesday Sept 19th and Thursday Sept 20th. Make sure to come by to register and say hi.
07-04-2012 On July 6th we will be screening the film, Indie Game: The Movie. Details
02-1-2012 To officially register for this club, you may now use the online system via:
01-30-2012 Members of the Game Developers Club were at the Global Game Jam at UBC this year. We had a blast! For more details and to try out our games you can go here: GGJ 2012

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