Day-Z and Multiplayer balance

_Oct. 16, 2012


This week we decided to talk about different ways to balance multiplayer games. And then we talked about life, the universe, and everything.


individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system

No Leveling:

In Day-Z any player can use any item. It may take a long time to collect the required items to do certain things such as cooking food but anyone could give you those items.

Non-violent competitive play:

More creative ways to compete other than just straight-up fighting.


includes GDC members who contributed to this idea and were present during the discussion

- Scott Inglis
- Lanz Singbeil
- Clinton Walsh
- Jerry Guo

Additional Comments

After the meeting if you have any additional ideas or comments please keep them in this section

  • We talked about the Legend of Zelda timeline: image link
  • We also talked about getting jobs and in the game industry:
    • If you want to work for a cool place like valve just start making stuff. And then make more stuff. Send it out to people online, get feedback and make changes.
    • Don't shoulder all your work from school on your portfolio. Include other cool work and your own personal projects.
  • We also talked about 3D Printers. Suggested it would be cool to make a game based around a 3D printer. Or generally a tool that you need in the real world to parse-out part of the game. Example: crazy taxi with a physical intercom that lets you contact all other players playing the game in real-life. Or using an actual map to try to keep track of where you are.
  • We also talked about how AI would work in the future. It would be cool to play alongside an intelligent computer player. But would they be someone who knows they are playing a game or would they think that they are living character in the game world?
  • We also talked about OLED's:
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