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Idea for October 30th, 2012


A grid-based puzzle game where you work together with clones of yourself to to solve movement-based puzzles.

Theme(s): Forking, Branching, Cloning, Pushing, Pulling

includes topics that expand on the theme

Based on these themes we thought of a few ideas:
- A branching RTS game that you can create copies
- A multi-Tetris game
- "GeneHub" a game about a dystopian future gene-trading and gene-sharing website
- "Assimilate!" a simple puzzle game about multi-character simultaneous movement.
We Chose Assimilate


game genre with possible significant changes or important points



individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system


get through the level by moving yourself and your clones to solve the puzzle and get out the door.

Object/Tile Types:

  • Matter Emancipation Grid (Kills clones but not you)
  • Lava/Fire (kills anything)
  • Pits (fill in with a block or clone)
  • Reversal Tiles (clone moves in the opposite direction)
  • Moving Platforms (conveyor belt)
  • Floating Platforms
  • Teleporters
  • Push Blocks
  • Wall Blocks
  • Sticky Block
  • Buttons or Switches
  • Spawn Point
  • Clone Pad (and clone spawn pad paired to it somewhere else in the level)
  • Keys
  • Doors


  • Cloning
  • Standing on Buttons (and standing on multiple buttons simultaneously)
  • Pushing/Pulling Blocks (and pushing/pulling big blocks requiring multiple clones)
  • Orientation
  • Carrying Objects
  • Cloned Clones?
  • Merging Clones
  • Clone Power: the number of clones you can make in a level.
  • Movement: clone only moves if the player moves. If a clone hits a wall it will stop moving while you continue to move.

PROGRAMMING PRIORITIES: (What to implement first)

Priority 1:

* Grid-Based Movement: no set size
* Basic Floors
* Walls
* Spawn Point
* Exit
* One clone of the character that spawns in another area of the level at the start of the level
* XML coded levels (to support ease of adding levels)

Priority 2:

* Buttons/Doors
* Clone Pads to create clones in-game
* Pushing Blocks
* Death Tiles (Lava)


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

  • A (super) Wizard Adventure
  • Star Trek: stuck on an alien ship
  • A child stuck inside a crazy circus
  • Tesla escaping from his own workshop
  • Dystopian Chucky Cheese: "Where a kid can be more than 1 kid."
  • Tomb Raider: egyptian style
  • Reddit: You wrote a really terrible comment on Reddit but you want to up-vote it as much as possible. The only solution you can think of is to clone yourself as much as you can and get all your clones to up-vote it. Every level has its own post that we write up.
  • Corrupt Political Leader trying to vote for himself using clones.


includes GDC members who contributed to this idea and were present during the discussion

- Grayson B.
- Clinton
- Andy Leung
- Dylan Rimmer
- Alex Ryan
- Scott Inglis
- Lanz Singbeil

Additional Comments

// After the meeting if you have any additional ideas or comments please keep them in this section//
Level Editor: encoding your levels in a .jpg (injecting metadata into the screenshot and allowing players to then easily share the picture and load it into the game).

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