Meeting 6 - Story Development and basic mechanics

This week, we continued working on our group project. We came up with a (crazy) story about a civil war between dinosaurs and humans, and have started developing the game around that.

We created a rough outline for the level design and stages of the game, decided which development roles each team member would fill, and started actually building the game in Unity. The group project now contains the implemented mechanics for a 2-D platforming game. Now all that's left to do is to fill the game with story design, artwork, levels, mechanics, enemies, bosses, powerups, powerdowns, etc… (so basically everything).

A reminder that the Group project is stored on the GDC GIT Repo, which has been updated to reflect these changes if you would like to check them out for yourself.

Links to our planning page and GitHub Repository:
Planning Page
GIT Repo

See you all next week!

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