First Meeting IceBreaker: Old Game New Tricks

For the first GDC meeting of the semester, our main priorities were to get to know fellow club members. To do this, we had a fun icebreaker activity to collaborate with one another, and get some ideas flowing. The idea of the activity was to take an existing game and change the rules. By doing this, we saw how different mechanics interact to make games either more or less enjoyable. We split into three smaller groups, and by the end of the activity, had three playable prototypes of games.

one group decided to take tic-tac-toe and change the rules so it wouldn't always result in a draw. They accomplished this by adding more boards adjacent to the original tic tac toe board.

Another group took go fish and made it less competitive than it already was. Unfortunately, I don't recall how they accomplished this.

The last group took the game "Dots and Boxes" and changed the shape of the board into triangles. This made the possibility of claiming triangles or squares for points. The rules were changed so that triangles were worth one point, and squares were worth two.

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