Group Project Planning

For this meeting, we began planning our group project for the semester.

Planning Page

We started by discussing the scope of our project, and the constraints we would have on making it. Constraints included:

  • Availability - we all have school courses
  • Time - the semester's length
  • Skills - we will all be learning while making the project

After analyzing the constraints, we took a look at existing games that might be possible to make within our scope. We looked at what made these games both do-able and enjoyable.

From there, we took a look at our group's own strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Based on these, we decided upon the roles that we would each play in the game development process. We then pieced together bits that made existing games enjoyable that corresponded with our interests. The end result was this:

  • turn based top down shooter
  • multiplayer isomorphic shooter
    • weapons start in the middle of the map (like dodgeball)
    • they must be taken back to your base to activate
    • others can attack you as you are trying to get back to your base
  • jetpack/space infinite flying game
    • dodge objects like asteroids
    • other objects shooting at you like spaceships
    • you progressively fly faster and faster, making the difficulty ramp up rapidly

The consensus was to make the infinite flying game. We decided to take a week to think about it before finalizing the idea, just in case anyone came up with any other ideas over the week.

Finally we decided on the platform we would use to develop the game. We decided to use Unity to develop the game as it allows a great degree of flexibility while developing projects. The plan is to start off developing the game for mobile platforms, and if time allows, we will try to get it ready to use on the oculus rift.

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