Aftermath is the story of two soldiers, the sole survivors of a great war. They must work together in order to survive and return home.

The story is split into four main segments, each of which contains a major revelation or plot twist. Controls are basic, and are limited to moving forwards and backwards, as well as jumping. There are multiple levels in the game, each of which is a puzzle that requires both players to work together to advance to the next level.

Due to time limit, only a demo version containing five levels was produced through Game Maker 7.0. In addition, the majority of the graphics and all of the sound effects were borrowed from online resources, although all the background music are of original design, created with Anvil Studio. There are also some unresolved bugs involving collision detecting. However, these do not have a large impact on gameplay, and the demo itself is still playable from beginning to end. Enjoy.



screenshot100.bmp screenshot101.bmp
screenshot102.bmp screenshot103.bmp


You can download the demo here:
Dowload the game design document here.

You can also check out the music:

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