We aim to create a documented game development community within SFU, but to do so we need to know more a little more about one another!

This page is a place to link to your GDC profile, where members provide detail about themselves and their background. Please see this Profile Example as an example.

Add yourself under a heading that is your strongest area and create a page for yourself. If you wish, you may also place additional roles next to your name that you feel you are strong enough to fill, but are not your first preference. For a very detailed step by step explanation of how to do this click here.


Includes skills for such fields as concept art, 2D art & animation and 3D art & animation.


Includes skills for such fields as recording/editing sound, creating/managing sound effects, and composing/creating music.


Includes skills for such fields as gameplay design, interface design, storyboarding, prototyping, scenario writing/design, QA testing and design documentation.


Includes skills for such fields as programming, scripting, implementation, QA testing & troubleshooting and all digital asset management.


Includes skills for such fields as script writing, scenario writing, storyboarding, cut scene direction, plot/story writing & design, dialogue and translation.

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