Blender Game Engine - Workshop

Was held on February 5th 2010 by Lanz Singbeil

here's a link to the tutorials I ran: tutorials and more links

At the end of the tutorial session I showed some reference files which anyone can feel free to use as a resource if they want to make a game project. The idea behind these is that the "star chart" blend file searches for all other blend files in the same directory and creates a UI that allows you to navigate to each one. The other 2 files provide a link BACK to the star chart. This creates a self contained game universe which would be interesting to develop and have tonnes of project all linked together.

game universe

I will probably add a few other reference files and update the ones there to fix a few bugs.

Some other resources I've collected:

basic UV mapping
Cool Missles

Reflections and Comments:

Lanz: I really enjoyed being able to talk for a few hours about Blender and teach people something new and fun.

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