Board/Card Game Design Resources

Please add any tabletop game design resources here be they card games, board games, dice games etc.

Design Resources

Prototyping and Supplies

Learn about existing board games

  • BoardGameGeek - The best place to find information about board games
  • Board game video reviews
  • Craving for a Game - Located in the Surrey Central City Mall
    • Has a free board games night every Thursday
    • The store owner is very knowledgeable about board games and is a great place to research games
    • Offers student discounts on larger purchases
  • SFU Boardgame Club - moc.liamg|ufsbulcemagdraob#moc.liamg|ufsbulcemagdraob
    • Meets weekly to play a variety of board games
    • Mostly German style games and rarely games like Monopoly or Risk.

News websites

Printing and Self Publishing

  • You can self publish using the print on demand service but shipping is expensive to Canada currently but this will change soon.
  • SFU Document Solutions costs around $22 to print 140 cards on card stock.

Games Worth Looking At

Add your favourite board/card games to the list.

  • Dominion - Deck building game
  • Citadels - 2-8 player game where players constantly switch between characters with different abilities.
  • Settlers of Catan - Trading system which is considered to be a gateway game to get people interested in more sophisticated games.
  • No Thanks! - All about pushing your luck.
  • Five Crowns - The dynamics change each round even though the rules do not.
  • 10 Days in Europe
  • Neuroshima Hex - Hex based strategy game with an interesting battle system.
  • Magic: The Gathering - The CCG that started everything and has maintained good design for over 17 years.
  • Netrunner - Asymmetric card game by the creator of Magic.
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