Canadian Games Conference 2011 Notes

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1000s of Zombies, 1000s of Problems - The Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer Experience

Dee Jay Randall, Capcom Vancouver

  • The same engine that was used in The BIGS (baseball game) was used for Dead Rising
  • Cooperative goals
    • sandbox experience
    • character leveling
    • case files
  • Players are not often competing with each other, which means it was not important to resolve who interacted/killed with what objects as fair as possible like FPS' usually require.
  • The artificial intelligence was distributed over all the consoles in the same cooperative game.
  • Each console was given a small set of zombies and props to manage the physics and AI for.
  • Ownership is initially based on distance from players and then once players start interacting with a prop/enemy they gain ownership.
  • A server-client for mission data and boss fights was added late in the project since it was causing problems.. to be continued
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