Club Activity Ideas

Monthly programming challenge

A challenging game related problem is given out over email each month with a way to judge the entries. It could be optimizing an algorithm or designing one to solve a problem. Alternatively the challenge could be to create a simple clone of a commercial game.

Status: Tried it out and only received a couple few entries.

Monthly game discussion

The idea is similar to a book club where members read a book and discuss it. In our case it would be playing a game from start to finish and then discussing it.

Status: Work out the specifics and give it a try.

Level design extension to design discussions

Take an existing commercial game, game concept we created, or create a new one specific for this activity. Then have a level design session where we design a level with the game mechanics that were defined. Optionally members could bring in level designs for critique.

Status: Work out the specifics and give it a try.

Theme for each semester

Decide on a theme at the beginning of the semester and have a semester-long open contest that fits the theme. This contest would most likely be a game project with fairly flexible expectations and few requirements. The games would be presented at the end of the year. Members could work in teams or solo and could put in as much or as little time into their project as they wish.

Status: Bring it up at the first meeting.

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