Clubs Days

Clubs days is the best time to recruit new members and it is also a time consuming process that can be a little chaotic. Hopefully this guide will make it much more manageable.

First thing you should do is as soon as you can register for clubs days on both campuses. It is important to have at least one clubs day at each campus so both computing science and interactive students hear about the club. Since you are expected to be at your table the entire day make sure you can staff most of it by talking to members beforehand.

Once everything is setup for clubs days remember to send an email to the mailing list encouraging existing members to stop by and sign up again for the purpose of showing the SFSS that they are still members. Also give them a link to remove themselves from the mailing list should they wish to leave the club. (

Requesting help

Send out a simple email or Google Docs survey with times you need help with. In general having two people at the table makes it a lot more fun than sitting by yourself. More than that and there is a problem of seating.

Setting up the table

The current setup is by no means optimal so feel free to redesign it. In general you want it eye catching and to show some stuff the club has done if possible.

  • Large club banner with the full club name.
  • A single page document that explains who we are and the activities we do. (I'm trying to find the document I made —Eric)
  • Flyers to hand out
  • Something to attract people like game cases, game developer magazines, or books from the library.
  • (optional) A laptop with games made by club members and club promotional videos.
  • Sign up sheets. Usually there are more at the sfss table if you need them. Usually 2-3 sheets are filled per campus.
    • Make sure you check their email address is readable (a common issue is l or I or 1)
    • Write on the top that their SFU email address is preferred since the mailing list manager will automatically look up their name.

Talking to people

Here's something I (Eric) would typically say but you don't have to follow it or memorize it. "Welcome to the game developers club, have you heard about us before? (they say no) Well, we are all about the discussion and development of both digital and non-digital games. We hold weekly discussions on the design and technical side of games. During design discussions we usually brainstorm themes, pick one and build a game concept around it and repeat the process every week. Technical discussion are more open ended where members bring their own topics which may include problems they are struggling with or interesting articles they've read."

From there you might want to narrow down what they are specifically interested in and talk about those areas. If they seem only casually interested try to mention how you don't need to be going into the field to join. One thing to keep in mind is look at their faces to see if they are bored or if you are overdoing it with information. Some people just like to stop by the table and look at the information available in text.

Surrey Clubs Days

There are usually around 20-30 clubs participating in the fall and spring semesters and a little less in the summer. In the summer semester the campus is really empty so try to participate on the same day the larger first year classes are happening.

Here's Surrey in the summer. I think this was the first time we had a table there in the summer.
P1100627.JPG P1100623.JPG

  • Register by emailing ac.ssfs|yerrus#ac.ssfs|yerrus with the following details
    • The name of the club
    • Which days you would like a table
    • Any equipment you may need such as a projector and screen and speakers. They will not give you a TV and projector and sometimes you are stuck without either.
    • If you would like to be positioned beside another club such as the Games Club and IMG Club.
  • Just in case bring a powerbar or extension cord.
  • Emphasize on the design side of things because of the IAT program but don't forget to mention the technical discussions.

Burnaby Clubs Days

Significantly larger than the Surrey clubs days usually with the entire Convocation Mall full of tables.

  • Registration generally is suggested in person but they will accept email request. Same details as registering for Surrey but you will almost never get a projector or TV so don't count on it. Perhaps in person requesting a projector is easier.
  • It is often cold, misty or raining so dress warmly since you will be outside in the Convocation Mall.
  • In the spring semester it happens inside the AQ because it's so cold.
  • There are so many faculties so try to keep your talking more general. Don't assume everyone is a computer science student. A lot of non-comp sci students come by and wonder if it is for them, make sure you have an answer for that!
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