Colin's Ideas

Real-time strategy and tactics

Squad-based control of units

  • Dawn of War and Company of Heroes already do this well; all the other RTS/RTT games I play feel cumbersome by comparison
  • Squad maintenance (adding units, special weapons, etc.) is too intrusive and interferes with battle command

Better separation of economy and infrastructure from combat

  • Players are usually required to handle base maintenance at the same time as combat
  • For me, this breaks immersion and demands twitch abilities I don't have
  • The combat sphere interferes with the economic sphere and vice versa

Base management

  • A trivial solution is to remove bases from the game, but that's not always sensible
  • A better solution separates the combat sphere from the economic sphere as much as possible while maintaining bases
  • One possible solution is to divide the battle into rounds and alternate between combat and maintenance

Resource management

  • Worker units should be used either sparingly or not at all; micromanagement-intensive and not necessary for resource collection or construction
  • Resources may be collected automatically over time; could be similar to the control point mechanism employed by Dawn of War and Company of Heroes
  • A good but flawed starting point for construction of buildings is the sidebar commonly used in the Command and Conquer series

Automation of routine tasks

  • General case of squad maintenance and reinforcement problem
  • Macros could eliminate the need to manually adjust the new squads' destinations after the front-line forces move; they could follow the front-liners automatically, half of the new squads could be sent to either front, etc.
  • Some of these can be done within existing interfaces, but macros allow players to use behaviors that the developers didn't think of
  • Macros must not be powerful enough for cheating
  • The interface must hide the automation from players who don't want it
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