Corey Baker


  • 4th year Computing Science student at SFU
  • Languages: C++, Objective C, C#, Java
  • Co-Op terms at Autoship (C# development)


I took a one year course in music production, composition and scoring at Langara college and have a home studio set up. I have scored a variety of movie trailers and clips and spend a lot of time doing electronic music and classical compositions. I have all the tools needed to give you that huge symphonic score your next game needs! I also have experience in foley and sound design.

Past Game Efforts

I wrote a few games back in first and second year that sucked pretty bad. Power Pong, Snake, and a game called ball of doom that was fun.. but never got off the ground. Power Pong and an rpg I wrote in high school are available at my website in the junk downloads section.
Most of my games utilized SDL with the odd one using openGL, I would say my game writing skills are still pretty green - despite Power Pong being really freaking awesome (if you can get it to run now?)

Contact Info

My Website

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