Development Discussion November 19 2009

What should you include in a portfolio

  • an example of a design portfolio is Cody Church's recently complete portfolio.
  • general comments
    • explain how long this takes to do things
    • explain your process
    • show iterations
    • everyone should have a demo reel
    • must communicate quickly since people looking at it might not have a lot of time
    • passion
  • Designer's portfolio
    • details but do not overwhelm
    • storyboarding
    • clear coherent writing
    • keep it concise
  • Programmer's Portfolio
    • demo reel should show your code running
    • show the evolution of your code
  • Artist's Portfolio
    • different types of drawings
    • various versions of the same work (show iteration)


Includes GDDG members who contributed to this idea and were present during the discussion.

  • Mediator: Lanz Singbeil
  • Shawn Yu
  • Grayson Bartlet
  • Alex Ryan
  • Cody Church
  • Andrew Pope
  • Shane Morin
  • Karl Reifenstein
  • Eric Raue
  • Mike Nicanor
  • Samantha Derochie
  • Scott Inglis
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