Development Discussion November 8 2011

Resources discussed about combat design and puzzle design are now available on the Resources page.

Space Culture Card Game

by Lanz Singbeil and Eric Raue

  • play as an ancient culture that manipulates the culture of planets for entertainment
  • place culture cards and bring "viewer ships" to watch the events unfold
  • worker placement mechanic for selecting actions

Team Play Organization prototype

by Clayton

  • proof of concept for a team tactics planner for integration with commercial games like Counterstrike and Gears of War
  • draw paths for team mates to follow and share the plans (think Madden Football)

Equipment Malfunction

by Grayson Bartlet

  • created for IAT 312
  • the idea is you must use observation and logic skills to determine when to trust your sensors
  • aliens are hacking your sensors
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