Development Page

All pages will be updated as the project moves forward. Comment section and glitch reporting should be edited by anyone, while several pages should only be edited by the development team, such as the official list of sounds and validated glitches.

Glitches: Here, you can view glitches that are currently known, or edit the page and add glitches that we should be looking into.

Conceptual Artwork/Diagrams: Preliminary artwork and diagrams of characters and levels that will be used to outline the design of the game.

Artwork: Final art assets of the game will be hosted here as they are completed, as well as a section where you can suggest the kinds of artwork you would like to see in the game.

Sound Design: This page will hold everything relating to sound within the game. Included will be a list of sounds that need to be completed by our sound designer, a list of completed sounds, and a list of suggested sounds that might fit within the game but have yet to be agreed upon and set into production.

Source Code: Contains all the code used to run the game. The code can be seen within the browser, or downloaded directly to your computer.


Themes: Level theme ideas. Eg: Rural, Mountains, Underwater, Forests, Volcano…

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