Here are the meeting minutes for our past meetings. The two main types of meetings are the design discussions which happen in Surrey, and the technical discussions which happen in Burnaby. The purpose of the minutes is to keep a record of what was discussed at the meeting and links to web content discussed. Among other things, this can be useful for members that want to go back and look up a topic discussed in more detail.

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2015 Spring Surrey Discussions

Mondays 11:30AM - 1:30PM Room 3010
Here you will find a brief summary of what we did each week in case you miss anything.

Meeting 1 - Icebreaker: Old Game New Rules
Meeting 2 - Group Project Planning
Meeting 3 - Unity Tutorial
Meeting 4 - Group Project Setup/Intro to Git

2014 Fall Burnaby Discussions

Mondays 12:30 - 2:30 WMC3251
Here you will find a brief summary of what we did each week in case you miss anything.

Meeting 2 - Unity Tutorial
Meeting 3 - Blender Tutorial
Meeting 4 - GIT Tutorial
Meeting 5 - Group Project Discussion

2014 Spring Burnaby Discussions

Fridays 2:30-4:30 - AQ 5035
Hello Burnaby GDCers! From this week onwards, there will be a brief summary of each Burnaby GDC meeting posted here.

Meeting 3
Meeting 4
Meeting 5
Meeting 6
Meeting 7

Design Discussions

Fall 2012 - Tuesdays 4:30-6:30 - Surrey 2710
These discussions focus on the design of video games from a purely conceptual viewpoint, including such topics and gameplay mechanics, concept themes and background stories. We also hope to encourage the critical analysis of game ideas, and help SFU students to become more comfortable in public speaking, brainstorming and collaboration.

For previous semesters check out the Design Discussion Archive

Technical Discussions

Fall 2012 - Mondays 11:30-1:30 - Burnaby AQ 5035
These discussions focus on the technical side of games including programming, algorithm design, and hardware to name some. Usually we start with a warm up topic and then move on to an open discussion on a topic someone suggests. We also might pick apart an existing game to see or speculate how it was made or talk about how we did something in our own games. We will try to keep a nice balance between beginner topics and advanced topics and explain anything you don't understand in simple intuitive ways.

Technical Discussion March 15, 2012
Technical Discussion March 22, 2012
Technical Discussion March 29, 2012
Technical Discussion April 5, 2012

For previous semesters check out the Technical Discussion Archive

Development Discussions

Every so often replacing a weekly discussion
These discussions focus on giving members the ability to pitch game concepts, form teams for development, and critique existing game designs developed for external purposes.

Minutes for development discussions

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