Land of the Damned

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October 02, 2012


Play as a human trying to escort villagers safely through a dangerous forest. Werewolves attack the villagers and you. If you get bitten you then transform and must change your goal to killing all humans.


Forests at night: wearwolves vs humans
includes topics that expand on the theme

Transformation, Combat, Moonlight, Strengths and Weaknesses as a human or as a werewolf.
Relevant Games: "Wolfquest"


game genre with possible significant changes or important points

Structured asymmetrical multiplayer.
Mix of an RTS, League of Legends, and


individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system


Click to attack like diablo or like DOTA


Werewolf kills a human: the human turns to a werewolf pup
Human kills a werewolf: the werewolf turns into a werewolf pup
Werewolf kills an NPC: gains a weak werewolf follower
Werewolf kills a werewolf: the werewolf turns into a pup and any followers then belong to the alpha wolf

Characters and Abilities:


- Main food source for werewolves
- Can turn into werewolf minions
- Score points for the human team if they reach the safe city
- Human players can camoflague themselves as villagers


Can control when to send villagers from the town.
Villagers will follow the priest through the forest if he so chooses.
Can do a bit of healing


Can mix herbs to cause poison or to heal
Uses a bow that can fire poison-tipped arrows.


Can fight in close-combat or ranged
Has a blunderbus that fires silverwear.


Draws werewolves to him. Can climb trees.

World Events:

Stage Coach transports lots of villagers but can also be attacked
Torch-bearing NPC is impossible to attack. Human players can take the torch to become invincible for a short time.
Wild bear can be attacked and made to rampage down the road.
Wild bear can be killed by a wearwolf and turned into a bearWolf.


Werewolves can control dens and tell their NPC followers to defend the den or to follow them around.
Dens will heal the werewolf faster and gives them points at the end of the game.

End-Game and Winning:

The game ends when all the villagers have either been killed in the town or have escaped to the other town. It also ends if all the players have been turned into werewolves.
Points are awarded based on how many wolves you've killed or how many humans you've turned.
If the humans have rescued over 70% of the village they win.
The werewolf with the most dens at the end is the alpha.


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

Humans fleeing their town to a more safe one on the other side of the forest. You have different motivations and backstories for wanting to fight the werewolves and protecting the villagers.

Priest: religion says it is right
Herbalist: Wife was turned and wants to turn her back somehow
Hunter: Seeks glory and money
Kid: Orphaned when a werewolf killed his father


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Scott Inglis
Ethan Johansen
Terry Yu
Alison Koberstein
Amber Boyd
Jim Silvester
Raymon Gidot
Jerry Gao
Jinyi Hu

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