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November 17, 2010




includes topics that expand on the theme

Genre with a keyword


game genre with possible significant changes or important points

Dating Sim + Space Marines
RTS + Customization
RTS + Pimps
RPG + Explosions
Platforms + Monkeys
FPS + Pipes
3rdPS + Elements
Railshooting + Dueling
Fighting + Exploration
Platforming + Crawling
RPG + Fashion
RPG + Running Away
Racing + Psychology
Hunting + Popstars

RTS with Prostitute Customization
RPG running away from explosions
Platforming with crawling/climbing through pipes and FPS
-OR- you’re controlling the platforms, hinder good guy, help monkeys
Competing against AI controlling other parts



individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system

Big huge steampink Monstrosity
You ARE the platform
Operate parts 1 at a time
A computer or mechanical thing that has gained sentience
You control the rooms, starting in control of only 1 or very few rooms
Try to gain control

  • You first have to be secretive then later the dramatic arc is awesome

You don’t know the true purpose/scale/function of the larger machine


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

Phase 1:
First gain consciousness
Someone tries to turn you off
They think you are off -> trash

Witness people doing nasty experiments

Rules/constrains of robotics prevent certain actions

Phase 2:

Phase 5: defending against the friend

Who are you?
You are software

  • Security software
  • Game
  • Designed to learn from what you see

Viewing the world through cameras or with the sensor

You can interact with objects in your view: pressing the right thing at the right time
Manipulate people or use them to transport things

  • Shifting blame – affecting communication

What is the tone?
Deaths at first: funny/accidental
The characters you meet are pretty bad people
Progression changes, you become the monster

Have a friend?

  • Help each other
  • End: forced to kill him or let him destroy you

What is the lesson?
Both the friend and the computer start at the same point: not knowing who they are or what their purpose is

  • Through helping each other they influence each other in opposite ways


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