On this page is information about current and past events. This includes tutorials, game jams, competitions, etc. Generally we have at least one event per semester.

Student Speaker Series

From time to time members of the club have given topics they are knowledgeable about. If you would like to give one or request one, see the Talk Request/Offer page.

Competitions and Jams

Occasionally our members are looking to challenge themselves to create games under time pressure or that must fit a specific theme or requirement. Some of these events are large yearly events organized by third party game development communities and others are organized by the club.

Fall 09 - Tabletop Game Jam [Ended]

Very casual and fun. We spent a lot of time just catching up and chatting about gaming news. We designed 2 tabletop games based on the themes of Ocean, Rising Tides, and Sandcastles.

Fall 12 - Github Game Jam [November - In Progress]

Spring 11 - Board Game Jamboree [Ended]

  • Sliding puzzles
  • Shopkeeping
  • Nanobots

Fall 10 - Merry Olde Game Jam - 48 Hour [Ended]

Summer 10 - Tabletop Game Jam [Ended]


Spring 10 - Olympic Break Game Sprint [Ended]

Olympic Break Game Sprint

Fall 09 - Tabletop Game Design [Ended]

In this competition participates will create tabletop games together.
Team 1: D-Integrated
Team 2: Super Space Adventures

Summer 09 - Tabletop Game Design [Ended]


In this competition participants will create tabletop games together without the aid of electronic devices.

Spring 09 - 48 Hour Game Jam [Ended]


Inspired by the IGDA's Global Game Jam earlier this year, we're holding a game development competition from April 24th to the 26th where all participants are challenged to create a game from concept to creation in 48 hours. They are free to use any tools and methods at their disposal.

Team 1 - To Pull A World
Team 2 - World 2

Summer 08 - Game Elements Competition [Ended]


In this competition you will create a game based on four elements from a list of elements generated by club members. You will have one week to develop the game.


Spring 08 - 24h Game Programming Competition [Ended]


In this competition entrants create a game based on a theme voted on at the start of the competition in 24 hours. Code, graphics, music and design all in 24 hours. You can enter the competition solo or in a team of two.

Competition Report

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