Fall 2010 Semester Administration

Project Showcase:

Because of the Game Sprint and other club activities we were able to put together a few playable game demos and I know there are members of the club with fully completed games physical or digital (Scott, Sam and Eric I'm thinking of you guys). We also have the lovely video Sam made for us and I think all of us have a few other game projects kicking around from school assignments.

So I think we deffinitely need a projector, screen, and laptop and also possibly some smaller computer stations where people can try out our games. A tv could be borrowed to showcase Sam's video.

I can offer my laptop up for letting people try out some of our projects but it doesn't have the video hookups so we need at least one more person to offer their laptop or we need to borrow from library. Scott if we can get your laptop then we can showcase our 445 game. We may want to tweak it a bit more before we showcase.


Well first off as mentioned we can get people to play some of our games. We could have a table set up with volunteers running some of our boardgames as well.

I think it'd be really cool if we had a big commitment from club members to help run activities. If we don't then we can tone it down a bit and maybe do something similar to last year. It worked really well.

Prizes are a good incentive. Pop and chips would be enough. Or maybe cookies instead of or in addition to chips. Everybody loves cookies.

Lanz's Silly Awesome Idea:

We could frame the table like an RPG quest office or something and then have quests related to the campus and other club tables that we are affiliated with that would go along with our idea. Essentially we are turning the entire clubs area into a giant game. We could issue 'quests' that visitors can do that require them to "defeat monsters" or "bring item x to person y" and then reward them with exp. they could even level up or be given 'money' that they can use to purchase 'items' such as a "rejuvination potion" (pop) or a "magic wand" (bubble wand). We could even get them to choose a job and skills or determine their class by some rediculous servey that asks questions about the visitors.

So lets say they fill out the survey and get a "job" at which point they get a starting item.


  • Bard: Annoying Cheap Harmonica
  • Cleric: Holy Water Gun
  • Fighter: Inflatable Hammer
  • Wizard: Bubble Wand
  • Trixter: Deck of Cards
  • Beast Master: Stuffed Animal
  • Obligatory Pirate: Eye Patch and Stuffed Parrot or a Hook.

Of course for this to work we'd all need to be in full costume and speak with accents

If they wish the new recruits could then do quests. The quests could be specific to each class or maybe just random stuff. They could be on flashcards and drawn at random.

Quest Ideas: (non-specific)

  • So and so at the IMG Club table is thirsty. Bring him a cup of water and return with a feather that he will give you and I'll give you something cool.
  • Around the clubs area we have hidden 5 magic talismans. Take a picture of each one or tell us where they are located.
  • Hug 3 people within sight from this table.
  • Infiltrate another club table and put up a small GDC sign without being noticed. Here is tape and the sign.
  • Hand out 3 GDC business cards to non-GDC members.
  • There is a guy walking around campus wearing a shirt that says "***", place this sticker on his back without being noticed.
  • Sign up for a club, any club
  • Decipher this ancient glyph: 3x + 2y = 10, find x
  • Reach level 5 on this game/Get xxx points in this game
  • Escort quests
  • Come to the wiki and find a secret passphrase

If they complete a quest they will be rewarded with some monopoly money or poker chips or something. They can cash it in for prizes.


  • Foam Swords
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Packs of Magic Cards
  • D6 dice
  • D12 dice
  • D20 dice
  • Pop
  • Chips
  • Cookies
  • Water Refills
  • Bubble Wand Refills
  • Papercraft stuff

Names for places

  • The stairs leading to the mezzazine: Stairs of knowledge
  • The watercoolers: Fountain of knowledge or youth
  • Mezzazine: Hall of something
  • Fishbowl: Fishbowl
  • Elevator: Lift of something


  • Completing 1 quest gives a small reward. (chocolate/cookies -or- chocolate cookies!)
  • Completing 2 quests gives a medium reward. (some trinket, LED stuff)
  • Completing 3 quests gives a large reward. (papercraft stuff? I like the WoW mailboxes)
  • Instead of players choosing a class, how about the NPCs represent a class instead, a pirate NPC, a bard NPC, etc. NPCs belong to a class will give quests fitting their class:
    • Bard gives quests that involves the public
    • Wizard gives intelligent based quests
    • Pirate gives quests that involve pillaging and rum(show ID)
    • Fighter gives the escort quests
    • Assassin gets the sneaking quests:
      • Plant a flag
      • Put this tag on someone
  • The reason for this is so that the game will be scalable, even if ~100 people participate(unlikely), chances are we won't run out of starting items. Getting ~10 starting items for each of the ~5 classes (50 items) means only 10 people can choose a class before the items run out. If all players start with a generic item, that means the game will be able to accommodate 50 players before the game is over, instead of just 10.


We need to print more mario cards and we need a poster. Anything else? smaller min-posters?
Maybe we should just make a poster ourselves - screw printing for 80 bucks let's make it out of foam and paint.

Can't we just do 8 1/2 x 11 posters and print them on the shiny paper? That doesn't cost too much. (Scott)

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