Fighting Game

I wanted to suggest making a fighting game that is really open to customization and the content would be entirely determined by submissions.

You would have a basic set of balanced characteristics that can be decided that determine the nature of your fighter. This would be based on sliders that go between 2 opposite extremes and other things that have a similar effect.

so like…a slider would determine:

speed - health
strength - dodge
weight - jump

You would also need some way of determining how many attacks of certain types your character gets…

Grappling, Close Combat, Mid Range, Long Range

This could be sorted into something like a square graph.

The game would be 2d and the animations would all need to be drawn by the player. This would take some time but could be super fun because you could create ANY character you wanted. So although an attack would be the same essentially, it would look completely different for every single character.

It would also present some interesting challenges for programmers for setting up a balanced framework for character creation.

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