Game Elements Competition


In this competition you will create a game based on four elements from a list of elements generated by club members. You will have one week to develop the game.

You can enter the competition solo or in a team of two.


Each member of the Game Developers Club can contribute one game element that focuses on a theme, game mechanic, or restriction. These elements will make up a list of elements teams can choose from. Teams are required to choose at least four elements to incorporate in their design. Try to choose interesting combinations.

Dates, Time

You can spend a total of 7 days worth of hours working on your project based on 10 hour days. This means each team member is able to do 70 hours of work on the game. Please keep a time log as this will be on the honour system. Game must be submitted by submission date.

July 18th 2008 - Elements list is distributed
September 1st 2008 - Game submission date

Sign up

Send team name and member names to ac.ufs|cexecdg#ac.ufs|cexecdg.


  • You own all the rights to the game you make.
  • You give the Game Developers Club the rights to display screenshots, your names, and information about the game for promotional purposes.

Elements List

  • Indirect Player Character Control
  • Multiplayer
  • Obsessive following
  • Myth
  • Mirrors, reflections, reversals
  • No random numbers
  • Trading
  • Duality
  • Overrun
  • Unique transportation
  • Choice tree
  • Rune Goldberg machine
  • Freedom
  • Free falling
  • Natural events
  • Base building in weird places
  • Oppression

Content Creation

All content including design, graphics, music, and code must be made or found during the competition. Follow these rules when using or finding content for your game. Ask if you are unsure.

  1. Must be original (ie. photos you take, your drawings)
  2. No existing images (ie. google image search).

Music and SFX

  1. Can use original music or music you have rights to, since audio is not being evaluated.


  1. Can use your own code from other projects that provide utility features and debugging but not design/gameplay implementation. (ie. you can use a .bmp file loading function you wrote, but not a car class for a racing game)
  2. You can use documentation and tutorial as references, but no copying.

Compilers and Libraries

Game Engines and Game Makers are not allowed. Anything else should be fine.

You can use any library that does not implement game logic.


Submit a zip file containing a readme file, a screenshot of the game, the game itself, any libraries required to run the game, and the source code to this email..


Members of the Game Developers Club can vote for games based on the following categories. Each judge will evaluate all the entries and give them a score of 1-5 in each of the following categories.

  • Elements choice and game design
  • Fun
  • Technical

Voting will take place at the competition party. Winners will be announced as soon as possible.


There might be prizes depending on SFSS funding. On the Game Developers Club website your entry will be showcased as winnning the competition.

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