GGJ 2012

What Is the Global Game Jam?

  • hosted in a variety of locations accross the globe (For Vancouver it was at UBC this year)
  • make a game in 48 hours with a team of friends and random people. Sleep a little, work a lot.

Show Me the Games!

Catch! by Team GDC (Eric, Cody, Crislana, Dylan, Karl, Lanz, & Sam) Play It Online
Eat my Dust made by a team of 6 including GDC member Shane Morin
Carl Jung in: Constrictive Unconscious made by a team of 7 including GDC member Allison Koberstein
Rot Runner made by a team of 6 including GDC member Colin Cove

for a complete list of all the games made in the world visit the official site:

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