Git Design Document - Surrey

Confirmed Object/Tile Types:

  • Lava/Fire (kills anything)
  • Bottomless Pits
  • Holes (fill in with a block or clone)
  • Reversal Tiles (clone moves in the opposite direction than a character in non-reversal tiles)
  • Moving Platforms (conveyor belt style)
  • Floating Platforms
  • Teleporters
  • Push Blocks
  • Wall Blocks
  • Big Push Blocks (requires 2 or more clones in a row to push it.
  • Buttons or Switches:
    • Should be implemented generically so that we can activate groups of tiles from buttons.
    • Blocks or characters can activate them
    • Doors can require multiple buttons in order to open. These buttons all need to be pressed down at the same time.
    • Sticky (only stay pressed when you are on it) or Non-Sticky Buttons (Stay pressed after leaving it)
    • Optional: Timed buttons that stay pressed for a certain amount of time.
  • Spawn Point
  • Clone Pad (and clone spawn pad paired to it somewhere else in the level)
  • Keys
  • Doors

Other Suggested Objects:

  • Matter Emancipation Grid (Kills clones but not you): We decided that the clone and original should be treated the same.
  • Ice Block (lowers friction, e.g.: player/clones moving through it go slightly faster than normal)
  • Mud Block (increases friction, e.g.: player/clones moving through it go slightly slower than normal)
  • Fork Block (duplicates push/big push blocks moved into it? Or doubles the number of keys of whomever steps into it, but only works once)


  • Cloning
  • Standing on Buttons (and standing on multiple buttons simultaneously)
  • Pushing/Pulling Blocks (and pushing/pulling big blocks requiring multiple clones)
  • Orientation
  • Carrying Objects
  • Cloned Clones?
  • Merging Clones
  • Clone Power: the number of clones you can make in a level.
  • Movement: clone only moves if the player moves. If a clone hits a wall it will stop moving while you continue to move.

Art: The RagePixel Plugin

We will by trying the ragepixel plugin for this jam. Any info on how to get started with it will be posted here.
simple animation tutorial
latest version of the plugin

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