If, when playing the game, a glitch or some kind of weirdness happens that does not seem to belong, please report it to the Unverified Glitch list. One of the developers will investigate the glitch, and if it can be reproduced, it will be moved to the Verified Glitch list. After a glitch has been remedied, it will be moved into the Recently Fixed list.

Be as specific as possible when describing a glitch. Things that help are the kinds of keys you press, and how you press them, and exactly what seems to happen when you do.

Unverified Glitches:

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Verified Glitches (Only production staff should edit):

  • If character stays stationary and screen leaves him behind, he will glitch out and fly upward.
  • Jetpack activates automatically if hold jump from a non-jump position.

Recently fixed:

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