Design Discussions

Since you're looking at this page, you have probably seen the new design discussion template. You may be wondering what all the "====" things are. This page should hopefully answer any questions you may have.

The template is split into 6 main sections. Each delimited by "====".

  • Summary
  • Theme
    • Theme Details
  • Genre
  • Mechanics/Systems
  • Story
  • Contributors

Look at previous design discussions to get an idea for what these sections are about.

Content is added between "====" tags.
There should not be anything on the same line as "====", not even whitespace.
It's FOUR "=".
Wikidot markup can be used between "====" tags, this means bullets, tablets, headings, text formatting, links, images, etc.

Due to the nature of how LIVE templates work, all design discussions MUST have these 6 sections AT MINIMUM, otherwise the template will break. Extra sections can be added the end, after contributors. Extra sections can be added in other places, but it is not recommended.

This may make it seem like templates are not very flexible; they're not meant to be flexible. The purpose of using templates here is to have some consistency between all the discussions regardless of who is doing the minutes. Another nice feature of LIVE templates is that any changes made to the template will be reflected on all pages that use the template, automatically!

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