Gameover Badend

"Very well."

The old man goes behind a curtain and returns with a musty old tome a few moments later. He sweeps away the thick layer of dust on the cover and hands it to you. It reads:

"GDC and you:
Chapter 1 - How I discussions?!

—Written by Clippy the malleable"

You flip the pages quickly skimming the contents of the tome. It seems to be written in some archaic language. You have never seen these characters before. You look up from the tome, before you could ask what language this is, the old man interrupts you.

"That be moonrunes. Ye need the "Super special awesome purple epic reading glass. I can make some for ye but I require some materials. Travel to *far away land* and bring me some magic *something*; Slay XX monsters and bring me their claws; And deliver this letter to the tavern across the street for me."

Alright. You put on your robe and wizard hat. Lets go questing!
Screw this. This is stupid.

protip: these tips are useful. Make sure you read them. I'm almost out of charact-

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