How To Create A Profile

Step 1: Join Wikidot

  1. Create a wikidot account -
  2. Go to this page -
  3. Enter the password sent to the mailing list or email us if you don't know it.

Step 2: Create a member profile

  1. Use the button below to add a new page for yourself. Enter your first and last name separated by a hyphen. Ex: "perry-tan"
  2. Fill in your profile

Step 3: Set your primary skill(s)

  1. You should now appear on the members page in the Misc. section.
  2. Click on your name
  3. Click on "tags" button at the bottom.
  4. Enter one or more of the following tags and click "save tags":
    • Art
    • Audio
    • Design
    • Programming
    • Writing

When you sign your name on another page use [[[members:FirstName-LastName]]] to link to your profile.

Due to how data forms work on wikidot, it's not possible to include the editor GUI for use or preview the page when creating a profile. If you would like to use the editor GUI, visit this page for more information: maintaining-old-profiles

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