How To Run Design Discussions

Ways to brainstorm ideas

Most of the time we start by generating themes but have also been successful starting with essential experiences. The other ideas haven't been tried yet and you should consider switching it up.

  • Themes - It should be more than a list of nouns and try to filter out what isn't really a theme, but at the same time be flexible.
  • Essential experience - Games are all about creating an essential experience for the player so start by generating experiences and then determine mechanics to support it. You should really read the Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses to get an idea of what this means before doing it. Usually it is difficult to come up with mechanics that match the essential experience.
  • Improving an existing game - Take an existing game that has flaws or you think can be improved, analyze it and then figure out how to improve it. Try to provide a sound argument for why the improvements might be better, you can't be for sure.
  • Create a sequel or adaption of an existing game -
  • Mash ups -
  • Start with a mechanic -
  • Platform -
  • Technical -
  • Decent movie/education game -
  • Adaption Inspiration -
  • Genre blending -
  • Asymmetric -
  • existing franchises -
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