In this game you stand still with a bow and fire at an approaching monster.

the monster starts increadibly far away and the idea is to kill it before it gets to you.

It walks at a slow and steady pace and you stay still, firing at it with an infinite supply of arrows.

When the monster is far away, you have to aim and take the wind and obstacles into account in order to hit it and if you do it is very effective. When the monster gets closer, you simply need to fire as fast as you can until the monster is a pincusion still slowly lumbering towards you.

hitting different parts could effect the monster slightly for a brief period of time. Hitting the feet for example, could slow it down but do limited damage, hitting the eyes could force it to turn around aimlessly and put itself open for hitting the back where it is weaker. It would of course catch on if you continue to aim for those locations and so it can only be done intermitently.

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