July 26 Meeting


  • find out what progress has been made to this point on the two sub projects
  • discuss where to go from here

Topics Discussed

  • graphics side
    • Jordan found a great tutorial on making an asteroids applet.
    • The tutorial has terrible code so Jordan had to rewrite it (well not that bad, but its all one file, not very object oriented or modular like we need for the project)
    • Therefore, the graphics side is done
    • Maybe a few extra features can be added like loading images for sprites.
  • network side
    • Dave said that the network side is coming along but he hasn't worked on it much lately.
    • will try to work on it some more around Thursday
  • Next steps
    • Jordan will upload the graphics side to the repository
    • Jordan will create a place on the google code wiki for a task list
    • Now that we have some significant base code we should be able to create tasks soon
      • Then we will hopefully be able to get more people involved
    • Once the networking is a bit more developed we need to think about merging the two
  • Game modes
    • we talked briefly about implementing the game modes feature
    • we thought that the first step to this would be to move constant values and certain variables to a config file, and then have multiple config files, one for each game mode.


  • Jordan Fox
  • Dave Hughes
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