July 9th Coding Session


  • We started with everyone trying to install all of the correct software
    • Eclipse, tortoiseSVN/subclipse, Java jre/jdk/firefox plugins
    • It Would be good if at future meetings people had these working
  • We Decided it would be better to go with google code as a subversion repository
    • allows non-SFU students to join
    • has other great features like its own wiki, bug tracker, etc.
  • We looked into lwjgl library and decided that it would be simpler to go with just java applets
    • java Graphics2D and awt libraries used for applets provide all of the functions we need
    • java does have its own Graphics3D library if needed
    • we have tutorials for java applets that are easy to understand
    • lwjgl would require programmers to know Opengl, which not everyone does
  • To split up work we divided into two groups
    • the network group was tasked with trying to write a sample network application in java
    • the network application would need to be able to connect and send/recieve messages
    • the graphics group was tasked with creating a simple java applet
    • the java applet would have a triangle that can be moved around the screen with arrow keys
  • We decided that it might be a good idea to meet again on monday
    • should continue to work on sample applications and read tutorials


These are some of the tutorials that we found useful during the coding session

Members Present

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