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20 Day Game Engine

This began as an overly ambitious project during a particularly long break between semesters. With 3 weeks I took it upon myself to learn and master the DirectX libraries for C++ in order to to create a great multiplayer RPG title. Since I expected more of a learning experience than a solid final product, I would be working alone on all the code and assets. The project would also be done from scratch and without non-standard libraries to allow me to do more under-the-hood coding. SVN was used to do code management on Agile development and to keep track of progress.


Although I'm sure there were thousands of ideas I wanted to implement, what ended up being the main feature was being able to import an .x model and walk around in it. My tool of choice for this was Blender, and it was really easy to make cool environments to walk around.


  • Built from the ground up in C++ and DirectX
  • Import .x models and walk around on them
  • Dynamic per-polygon hit detection
  • UDP network functionality (in theory)


To make it difficult on myself, I made it from the ground up using C++ and DirectX. If I were to do it again, a *lot* more will be done in pre-existing libraries. In fact, my next project is in C# and XNA. While perhaps this new project is easier and more visually rewarding, doing this game engine certainly was an interesting experience and taught me a lot about DirectX and general game programming.


Might be a bit loud. Sorry.

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