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Kirby 3d


I realized a while ago that there hasn't been any attempt to make a fully 3d kirby game.
Kirby 64 WAS 3d but it was a rail adventure and platformer. (your movement was restricted).

so I am taking up the worthy cause and trying to make the game.


Kirby starts by crash landing on an island his starship is destroyed with pieces scattering across many islands. He loses his memory but meets a farmer who takes care of him. In the beginning of the game you learn how to care for turnips and other small vegetables and you learn how to eat them by plucking them out of the ground when they are ripe.

The farming mechanic would become important later as the only means of healing Kirby when he is hurt. There would be fertile soil plots dispersed around each level.

Through a series of events Kirby would be forced to leave the farm on a search for his lost memories. He remembers how to fly by finding a piece of his starship on the island (perhaps hidden from him by the farmer). He flies away and gets to another island where he finds the second piece of his starship which allows him to remember how to absorb powers.


I have a Kirby model that moves though WASD and rotates with the mouse (like 3rd person shooter style).
I am working really hard to implement smooth movement and blending between animations.
Kirby can jump and fly by using the left click and drops on right click (it's a bit sketchy still).

I will probably use Spacebar for inhaling, eating, and attacking and maybe tab or E for spitting out or removing a power.
The eating will be the biggest part of the game (obviously) and I haven't started its implementation yet. The software I use offers some powerful physics stuff so I will most likely utilize this in pulling objects towards Kirby in a pseudo realistic way (I was actually thinking about the title being 'Kirby Unleashed' but that's just silly).


I would like to do cell shading but Blender doesn't provide an easy answer so I'll probably have to do some digging before that graphics detail is implemented.
I am not going for realism…probably no bump mapping. Dynamic Shadows aren't supported in the default game engine so static shadows only right now (which i haven't bothered to make yet).


I am using Blender3d's game engine. I am not making a commercial game so it's fun and much easier to use Python and a built in game logic system that Blender provides than to teach myself C++.
The game is full 3d.

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