Maintaining Old Profiles

The member profiles have been reorganized into categories. It is now easier to create profiles but it comes at the expense of the missing editor GUI and lacking the ability to preview pages. New-style profiles are prefixed with "members:" in the URL. All profiles have been converted to new-style.

Profiles created before the reorganization have been linked to the new categories in a temporary page. This page details how to maintain the old-style profiles and how to create an old-style profile.

Step 1: The [[include]] tag

  1. Visit your new-style profile on the members page and edit it.
  2. Page Content text field will show something like
 [[include Firstname-Lastname]]

This simply means to include the source from the into the current text field. This technique is used to promote code-reuse for navigation bars, footers, etc.

Step 2: Go to your old profile page

  1. Your old-style profile is located at
  2. Any edits done to the old-style profile will automatically be reflected in the new-style profile at

(Optional) Creating an old-style profile and link it

  1. Go to your old-style profile page, create it if it does not exist:
  2. Fill in your content
  3. Go to your new-style profile page at:
  4. Put the following into the Page Content text field and click the Save button
[[include Firstname-Lastname]]

(Optional) Adding images from old-style to new-style

  1. Upload your image to both your old-style and new-style profile page, make sure they have the same name
  2. Use the Files on the bottom to upload images
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