Mass July 5th Meeting

Topics Discussed

  • SVN status
    • currently waiting on response from help desk
    • when we have more details we will post some kind of setup guide
  • roadmap
    • discussed fixed time lines
    • only have about 1 month left for this semester
    • should start coding as soon as possible
    • hope to implement a basic asteroids game with networking by end of semester
  • language/library
    • we had previously decided on Java
    • decided to stick with Java for its networking libraries
    • graphics will be either lwjgl or standard Java applet libraries
  • design specification
    • ships, bullets, asteroids will be designed so they can be tested independently
    • didn't develop spec much further, decided that we would rather start coding
  • future meetings
    • Decided that we should have a code jam to get coding started
    • tentatively Thursday July 8th at 3:00 in Burnaby (CSIL lab)
    • agreed that we should research some of the libraries, etc. beforehand.

Links, Tutorials and Notes for Code Jam

This is a list of sites that contain information related to programming using the libraries we have discussed. If you find a good one add it to this list.

General comments

  • we should do a code jam to get things going
    • tentatively July 8th
  • vector asteroids instead of bitmaps
  • program the network code and main game at the same time once the high level network system is designed


  • 2-10 players flying around in zero g
    • thrusters
    • pew pew gun
    • random teleport
    • shield with a time limit that regenerates
  • when you get to the edge you wrap around
  • possible to extend the camera to be large than the screen (fixed to start)
    • camera follows ship and stops at the egde
    • ship warps around to the other side
    • camera teleports too
  • basic game: allied mode
    • can't shoot each other but can crash into each other
    • objective is to clear the screen of asteroids
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