We aim to create a documented game development community within SFU, but to do so we need to know a little more about one another!

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Includes skills for such fields as concept art, 2D art & animation and 3D art & animation.

  • Colin Cove - Secondary: 3D art, programming (Java, HTML/CSS), Design, photography


Includes skills for such fields as recording/editing sound, creating/managing sound effects, and composing/creating music.

  • Corey Baker - Secondary: Composer, Producer, Programmer, Foley Artist


Includes skills for such fields as gameplay design, interface design, storyboarding, prototyping, scenario writing/design, QA testing and design documentation.

  • Scott Inglis - Secondary: Programming, Writing; Tertiary: Audio
  • Shawn Yu - Secondary: Programming, Writing


Includes skills for such fields as programming, scripting, implementation, QA testing & troubleshooting and all digital asset management.

  • Dave Hughes - Secondary: Wearing motion capture suits
  • Jack Qiao - Secondary: 3D Art (Blender), Concept Art, Design
  • Tim Kim - Secondary: Art, Design, Nunchucks


Includes skills for such fields as script writing, scenario writing, storyboarding, cut scene direction, plot/story writing & design, dialogue and translation.


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  • ads - Secondary:
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