Adrian Bauer


I'm a bit of an asshole about details and high standards as well as the whole product. I really don't like lazyness. I get upset when people complain about not being able to do something well because they never practice that particular thing, and or always avoid doing it. If you want to do something, learn and read and try and fail a few times before it internalizes.
I research like crazy and always look for new inspiration or ideas in general, always reading.
I've been making games since maybe 1996 starting with Klik & Play (Click Team). These tools aren't very good for professional work but they do allow a non-programmer to do visual programming and at least focus on quick conception/ design testing. Proof of concept is key and designing intuitive controls/ interfaces comes first. The fact that I've been able to test so many designs so quickly has given me a good sense of how games will be in motion while still in planning.


English major, game design and art is all self taught.

Active Game Projects

Owl Boy
Project Rhapsody

Art Skills

Been drawing since before I can remember.

Character Concept Design

I lean more on practicality in character design and try to tie in world building elements to keep a running theme or constant given a local. I admit my technical eye for composition isn't always the best but my usual habits keep a mixture of busy highlights and simplicity on the majority of the design.

Environment Illustration

I enjoy drawing all kinds of scenery, I'm always researching plants, animals, environments, ecosystems. I try to understand how an environment would be sustained and what kind of creatures could survive there. In turn the creatures that survive there tell details of what the ecosystem is like, how it balances.

3D Modelling & Animation

Some animation experience from way back in the days of 3dsmax 2.5 and sprite animation as well. I'm very rusty at those things but do have advice for anyone interested in animation.

Design Skills

See Background information above

Programming Skills

Multimedia Fusion (pathetic and not real coding)

Writing Skills

I primarily write for comic books and because of that my pacing and direction might not always fit with video games. I do adapt easily but I feel that a story and setting should come out of the mechanics of the game and not be something you add to bridge levels.
I feel that my ear for dialogue is very good and I can put a lot of character into compressed spaces.
My feeling about writing is that there are many cliches and boring roads better traveled by others, so I try to at least do something different. I'm a huge asshole to deal with when it comes to consistency and coherency, if an idea doesn't fit I won't have any of it or it should be reworked or the whole should be reworked. A story being held up by a pillar of shit is never going to get rid of the stink, much like a bad concept for a game will never become a good game regardless of the polish. If any concept is awful it needs to be taken and out and the whole overhauled or refitted with a better part.

Signature Game

Panzer Dragoon (1,2, Saga/ Azel, Orta)

This game really inspired me to focus on unorthodox settings and characters. Everything is unique and organic in shape and the combined sum of it all makes for a world worth studying in detail. The blending of old ideas and symbols is seamless and never feels derivative of the concepts that inspired it (Arzach, Valley of the Wind)

Silent Hill (1-4)

I picked up way too many things from this series to do with story telling, environment, lighting, camera, detail, ambiguity, terror. It gets me thinking of different ways to write high-octane nightmare fuel, and the ways to pull a deep emotional response out of a viewer with proper pacing.

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