Calvin Chou


I am a second year Burnaby student enrolled in the Health Science program. I play quite a few games from a wide variety of genres. I have some experience with Photoshop, but that's about it and even then it's barely the basics of it; I tend to prefer good 'ole HB pencil. I also took a few courses in drafting back in highschool, which offered a very brief introduction to 3D animation.

Active Game Projects


Art Skills

I can draw, although somewhat averagely when it comes to characters. I believe I'm fairly good with armor, mech and creature designs, futuristic or fantasy, but then again it's not that good compared to other artists. I can do bits of scenery and backgrounds although I lack some experience with it.

3D Modeling & Animation
I tried my hand at 3D modelling and animation back at highschool, it was very brief and I kind of forgot it over the years.

digital audio skills

None to speak of…

Design Skills

Again, none to speak of…

Programming Skills

and again, none to speak of…

Writing Skills

I have a brief experience in drawing webcomics, so I think it could somehow be translated to gaming in some form. Namely storyboarding scenario writing and possibly cutscene direction.

Favorite Games

Final Fantasy
Silent Hill
Fatal Frame
Persona 3
Armored Core
American Mcgee's Alice
Clive Barker's Undying

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