Cecilia Lam


I'm a second-year at SFU Surrey. I don't play a lot of games, but what i do like about games is the art. Usually if the art is good and interest me that's what make me want to play game. Story and plot would come next.

I have some experience in designing graphics. I've also done work experience in that area.
I took 3D modeling and animation classes years ago. I also took courses in high school for that too.
Courses include, drafting, 3d modeling, digital video and animation, and website design.
I'm currently in SIAT at SFU. Double major in interactive art and technology. Media arts and graphic design.

After seeing the character modeling Art by Soa Lee, is what gave me interested me in making 3d models.

Active Game Projects

i have done some in the past…(2-3 years ago), in my programming class, but they weren't very good as i was terrible at programming.

Art Skills

i can draw, average skill level i would say compared to the people around me as they are very good at art….

3D Modeling & Animation
I practice modeling more than animations as modeling is what i'm more interested in.
Programs i have used are Maya, Vue, bryce, and cheetah etc

digital audio skills

I don't have any these anymore.

Design Skills

I haven't done much Prototyping, Story boarding or Interface Design. Im not really interested in that area. The design skills i have would be in poster, calendars, logos, websites etc.

Programming Skills

As for programming skills, i have to say i have none. I have done some game programming in the past, just really simple shooter games.

Writing Skills

I don't have much experience in this area.

Signature Game

As i've mentioned before, i don't play a lot of games so i don't have one. If i do play games, they would usually be BL visual novel games.
But games that i like the art of would be:
Most BL games
Final Fantasy
Magna Carta

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