Cody Church

GDDG/GDC Founder, Retired President
Graduated from SIAT in 2009


A game design student at SFU Surrey. I was the president and founder of the original Game Development Discussion Group, and currently the Co-President and Founder of the GDC. Born in 1986, I live in Burnaby, BC, and went to Burnaby South Secondary before coming to SFU. The first game I ever created, Catnip Western, for IAT312 Introduction to Game Design, was nominated for the 2007 ELANS awards in the categories of Best Writing and Best Art Direction in a Student Animated of Game Production. We were a finalist in the Best Writing category, although we lost out to a Vancouver Film School film project. I've also worked for Electronic Arts and QA Labs doing game testing, and worked as Development Support for Propaganda Games on their Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned title before it was cancelled in October of 2010.


I majored in New Media Environments when I first entered SFU, and have no real idea what I'm in now (no worries!). I came to specialize in the game design offerings of IAT, passing with an A and A+ in IAT312 and IAT410 respectively (I came away with 106% in 410, no joke). I've completed many of the prototyping and rapid visualization courses here, as well as drawing, narrative, 3D modelling and animation, interaction design and more. Basically most of what SIAT has to offer, I've done. I'm also on the Honour Roll in SIAT.

Oh, and then I graduated in Spring of 2009. Boo ya!

Signature Game: Sonic Adventure 3 & Knuckles

One of my favourites, this starred my favourite game character in his longest and best classic title. 2 games combined to create Sega's original vision for the title, including save game options, multiple characters, Hyper forms, newly explorable areas and an epic final boss. Sonic at his best!



Contact Info

Cell: 604.910.0603

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