Eric Lee


I'm a seventh (soon to be eigth) year Computer Engineering and Computing Science student at SFU Burnaby. I used to play a lot of games (old-school NES, SNES, PS1, N64); since then, I've played a handful of more modern games. If you really want to learn more about me, my SFU page is a decent start.

I haven't taken any classes in game design, and I joined this club to see what those with more experience actually do.

In here, include general details such as you see fit. This may include your personality, odd quirks, and a profile picture you'd like to upload.


Engineering Science, computers option
Computing Science

No courses directly applicable to games…

Active Game Projects

CMPT 401 final project was to make a multiplayer game. I started making something like Bolo / Subspace, but never finished it. Some day, I hope to get around to it.

Art Skills


Audio Skills


Design Skills


Programming Skills

I can get back up to decent proficiency within a week for:
C - general, embedded, network, systems, kernel module; C++ (no crazy stuff though); Java; Tcl; VHDL; Matlab.

Currently learning PHP.

Writing Skills

Made some short videos before. Ask if you want to see them.

Signature Game

My most recent favorite game was Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX. But I probably won't be playing that for a while now.
Got hooked for a short time on Advance Wars and Puzzle Fighter.
Tons of old-school console classics…

Contact Info


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