Eric Raue

My wikidot name is zazery.

  • 5th year Computing Science Major
  • Platforms: Linux, GBA, Nintendo DS, Wii
  • Languages: C, C++, Java
  • Worked at EA as a quality assurance tester
  • Some artistic ability

Contact information

email moc.liamg|euarcire#moc.liamg|euarcire


I am a self taught programmer in my 3rd year at SFU pursuing a major in Computing Science and a minor in Interactive Arts and Technology. Ever since I typed in "how to make a video game" into a search engine at the age of 9 I knew I wanted to be a game developer. I realized that I had many ideas but no team to help me realize them so I decided to learn how to make them myself. However, my real goal is and always will be to become a game designer. It is difficult to get a game designer position straight out of school with no published titles. This is one of the reasons why I decided to major in Computing Science. The other is I really enjoy the problem solving that comes with the field. I often find myself discussing algorithms and data structures for my own game ideas with friends.

I had been thinking about starting a club for some time now and my friend Ryan Bujnowicz was also thinking the same way. We founded the Game Developers Club January 1st, 2008. On January 1st, 2009 our club merged with the Game Design Discussion Group started by Cody Church. Now I am able to talk about game development with many more people.

Active Projects

Projects on hold

  • Point and click adventure game codenamed "Steam"

Completed Projects

  • Rebel Bomber (GBA remake of a Commodore 64 game) [offline, will put up soon]

Signature Game

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is my favourite game of all time that made me seriously look at games as profession. I had only recently bought my first gaming console which was the Nintendo 64 and did follow gaming news at all. My friend told me that a Zelda game was coming out and so I thought I'd ask my parents to get it for christmas. So I starred at the gold box Christmas morning without any idea of what the game was about before I played it. Of course I wouldn't be a game designer unless I could verbally describe why this game left a big impression on me. It was really the environment and atmosphere that created an imersive experience. I remember clearly turning on the game to just explore the world making no progress in the game. I would go to Kakariko Village and talk to the villagers, follow them around, visit the graveyard, chase chickens and that is only one area I would usually visit in one sitting. The game did not punish you for doing this except the occasional "hey," which I did not mind. I would like to have players enjoy games I design to enjoy them this way too. It is far more rewarding than completing a difficult objective in my opinion.

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