Jesse Shen


Communications Major, History Minor at SFU.

Even though I'm studying things that barely have anything to do with it, my career goal is to work as a writer in the entertainment industry, dealing with either video games, television or film.


Video Games

Active Game Projects



My only real skills with regards to game development is writing. I'm a bit rusty when it comes to writing action shots, but my forte is in dialouge and banter. Comedy is really what I try to go for in everything I write. Basically, so long as I can make people laugh, I'm good.

Signature Game

Mass Effect is the first game to really capture my imagination in a video game. I'm a bit of a whore for narrative, and Bioware had created just such an epic and deep story with the first portion of their scifi trilogy. The game was really what made me realize that a huge shift is starting to occur in storytelling, with video games taking a much stronger position in the realm of narrative excellence. Hell, it even convinced me to go out and buy both its companion books, just so I can learn more about this world that they beautifully crafted.

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