Peter Gao

I design and create games as a hobby when I have free time on my hands (Shhh, none of them were ever completed, but don't tell anyone!).

Other than that, I generally poke around trying to learn as much as possible about all sorts of things (not just regarding game dev).

I use Maya to create 3D art assets (among other utilities to help with UV mapping), and I can program in Python (I use PyGame libs to make games), Java (not very competent at it, definitely not my choice of language to make games in), GML (Game Maker Language ;)) and some Action Script (although Flash is not my prefered platform to develop games on either, for various reasons including, but not limited to, the clumsiness of Flash as an app combined with the unideal implementation of AS for game making). Ooops, that was a bunch of ramblin'.

Currently working on a Action-Adventure Platformer game involving fully destructible level terrain in the form of Worms :). If anyone would like to help out, just give me a hollar!

You can contact me at my SFU e-mail:
pyg {} sfu [] ca (just incase there are spam bots crawlin' around ;)).

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