Shawn Yu


  • 2nd year Computing Science student at SFU
  • Experience in Java programming
  • Created games using Game Maker and Flash


  • Video games (playing, designing, creating)
  • Reading

Active Game Projects

  • None at the moment

Completed Game Projects

  • Invasion of the Moles: a whack-a-mole style game, created in Flash
  • Epiquest: first attempt at an RPG and creating a game with Game Maker
  • Faceoff: two-player one-on-one game with RPG elements, created with Game Maker
  • Aftermath: two-player co-op puzzle-platformer, demo levels created with Game Maker
  • Minion Swarm: first Lundum Dare attempt, a sidescrolling shooter has the player use enemies' characteristics against each other

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