Multiplayer Asteroids Space Shooter (MASS)


An open ended club project that can be worked on by a team of any size. Start with a simple multiplayer Asteroids clone and add content. Content may be for example black holes, a capture the asteroid mode or even a space monster that eats asteroids for breakfast. Programmers can tackle challenges such as network programming, physics, and graphical effects. Artists can design characters, space ships, etc. Designers can try their hand at game balancing or coming up with original game mechanics or game modes. Musicians of course can compose sound tracks and sound effects.

Project Wiki and Repository

Current State

Active - Prototyping and Initial Implementation


Team members

  • Project Manager - Jordan Fox

Members Interested

Sign your name here if you would like to join the project and indicate what you would like to do. Please add your SFU computing ID so we can give you Subversion access. If you don't have an sfu computing id, that's okay, just indicate you don't have one.

  • Eric Raue (ejr1) - Design, Programming
  • Marc DeRosier (mdd7)- Programming, Design
  • Samantha Derochie (sld5)- Art, Music
  • Lanz Singbeil (lws2) - Design (I like really complex stuff like taxonomy and interdependence for some reason), Writing, Music
  • Karl Reifenstein (kmr14) - Art and Design
  • Corey Baker (coreyb) - Scoring and other Musical Composition, Foley/Sound FX and Design, Programming
  • James Wall (jwall) - Design, Programming
  • jordan-fox (jrf2) - Design, Programming, Art
  • Alexander Ryan - (ajr12) - Programming (Interested in design tools, such as a map editor, etc.)
  • Dave Hughes (dlh3) - SVN Management, Programming
  • Perry Tan (pta13) - Design, Programming, Miscellaneous(Testing, Code cleanup, Routine stuff, etc.)
  • Patrick Tim Woo (ptw) - Design, Programming, 2D Art, concept art, documentation (including API) etc.
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